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Collecting unique custom jewelry has long been a passion for the wealthy people. Many discriminating custom jewelry buyers have purchased diamonds for years as an investment, to enhance their collection or simply for the pleasure of wearing them. The average buyer can now afford these luxury pieces through the unique process developed by Sona. The Sona Diamond collection of lab created diamonds is an incredible value for the collector or the person who would like to collect or simply own the finest lab created jewelry available.

These individually developed lab created diamonds are far superior to ordinary cubic zirconium. Each lab diamond created by Sona Diamond has natural diamond crystals infused in the core of the stone creating a real diamond outer layer. Unlike inferior imitations, the Sona diamond’s Unique Custom Jeweler has exceptional brilliance and clarity.

The top quality materials and processing prevent discoloration over time, in distinct contrast to the many mediocre lab created diamonds on the market. The hardness of a Sona diamond is comparable to that of a natural diamond. These diamonds are created in controlled lab environments utilizing the highest quality standards available and are considered by many to be the most outstanding value available.

One of the most important aspects of true brilliance and sparkle in a diamond, either lab created or natural is the cut. Sona utilizes only the most eminent Israeli diamond cutters for their unique custom jewelry. Each stone is cut to maximize the radiance with the intent to create a collectible custom piece always in mind. The unique precision cutting of the distinctive stones ensures their brilliance. The next step in the process is polishing the stones with natural diamond polishing wheels, using the exact process to polish high quality natural stones. Utilizing these processes in the exact same manner as for the finest quality natural stones ensures that the Sona Diamond’s Unique Custom Jewelry is of superior quality. The exceptional pieces are easily recognized as the work of master craftsmen. The result of using fine quality materials and expert diamond cutters guarantees that Sona diamonds are a cut above the rest.

With the gift of Sona, you can get the unique custom jewelries and relive unforgettable moments over and over again. A glance at your jewelries can take you to a place that nobody else will comprehend or dare to understand and Sona offers you a one way trip every time. Clasp the beauty that’s within your reach with a beautiful Sona Diamond.